Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is SO Wrong! - Follow up to Last Evening's Report on Dead Fish in Biloxi, MS

DEQ: Dead fish in Biloxi came from broken pogey net

Posted: Aug 03, 2010 6:08 PM CDTUpdated: Aug 03, 2010 9:23 PM CDT

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - If you saw tens of thousands of dead fish floating in Biloxi waters Tuesday, the deaths are not related to the oil spill.

Phone calls began coming into WLOX Tuesday afternoon from people who'd been at Beau Rivage reporting hundreds of dead fish floating in the water and washing up along the boom south of the casino resort. Witnesses said the smell was terrible.

Officials from the Department of Environmental Quality said a company that catches the small, silver Menhaden, or pogey fish, lost its catch when a net was torn.

The dead fish were floating Tuesday night near the shore at the Biloxi Lighthouse on Porter Avenue, all the way to the waters behind the Hard Rock and Beau Rivage casinos.

The fish are a little larger than the pogeys typically wash ashore. But experts say that's because they've had time to grow larger during the recent fishing ban.

Sand beach department crews did some clean up near the lighthouse, but the company that owns the boat are sending skimmers to pick up the dead fish from the water.

My observations by Denise: The amount of fish, the horrible stench, the horrible foamy gelatinous muck that existed many hours afterwards and...dead fish as far West as Long Beach (although in smaller numbers) tells ME that this was no torn fish net!
Unless of course it was more than one boat and they drug these fish for weeks and more than one boat tore their nets, this is ridiculous for the media to report!


  1. When fishermen set their nets... it's for LIVE fish, right? So, if their net tore, LIVE fish would escape back into the water, right? IMO, this is a cover up story... blame fisherman, not BP.

  2. Fish are dead as soon as they get into the nets. There is no releasing them and they live.

  3. it was a weather balloon..........

  4. cover up, seriously? I know producers at WLOX they are salivating at the chance to blame something on BP. This is nothing new, pogies die when they get in nets. I have lived on the beach for most of my life and there are always some dead fish that wash up. You are crying wolf.....if you keep this up what happens when we have REAL effects from this spill? you will have no credit...

  5. What a lie... This is obviously oil toxicity and Corexit poisoning.

    Don't be naive!