Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oyster Fishermen Openly Concerned About Future

Louisiana fishermen are fearful about selling the oysters they are faced with finding. In addition, they are finding no new "baby" oysters which indicates that if they harvest the crop, it will destroy future harvests.

Please watch and comment. This nightmare is far, far from over.

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  1. One wonders just who will be purchasing from the Gulf area? I know I will not. Matters little to me what BP and the Gov. tell us.
    Sadly...I have no answers. I know these are tough times. It seems to me gone are the days when you can stay in an area generation after generation fishing/ working in certain areas and industries. To now make a living it would seem one has to move around.
    My husband is in one state working, I in another. No...not easy times,