Monday, August 9, 2010

Beautiful Young Ridley's Sea Turtle a Tragic Victim in the Gulf (Where's the oil and dispersants?)

By: Blu Spencer

Yesterday (August 6, 2010) the Gulf Specimen Lab got a call that a young Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle was at a beach some 10 miles away at Alligator Point, they said "it's in bad shape but alive". Bad shape is an understatement! In all the years that we have been rescuing sea turtles we have NEVER seen anything like this.

It was barely alive, and died within 6 hours, I can't imagine the pain it must have felt, it was heartbreaking to see.

This is what the combination of oil and dispersant does, this is many miles from where the tar balls have come to beaches, this is what is happening to countless animals in the Gulf. THIS IS A CRIME!!

This is the most endangered sea turtle in the world, we are bringing in as many as possible to protect them before they end up like this.


The following are examples of what a Ridley should look like, these are healthy turtles we've rescued in the past. . .

This is how they are supposed to look at this age

Another "healthy" Ridley that we rescued

Yes, this is how they are supposed to look

They are beautiful and gentle

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