Friday, August 6, 2010

BP's Top Oil Spill Response Exec Back To Old Job

POSTED: 8:21 am CDT August 6, 2010
UPDATED: 8:26 am CDT August 6, 2010

NEW ORLEANS -- The BP executive responsible for the petroleum giant's response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is returning to his old job in Houston.

BP announced Friday that Doug Suttles will leave immediately for his previous job as chief operating officer for BP Exploration and Production. He has spent more than three months managing the oil spill response.

Suttles will be replaced by Mike Utsler, who has been running BP's command post in Houma (HOH-muh), La., since April. Utsler has been a vice president at BP and been with the oil giant for 33 years.

BP is closing in on sealing its blown-out oil well. Millions of gallons of crude have gushed into the Gulf of Mexico since a deep-water rig exploded in April and killed 11 workers.

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  1. Just as we suspected, they return to their lives as if everything is back to normal!!! -- Leaving us devastated and in ruin and fearing for our lives, our livelihoods, and not knowing the long term effects. Yea right, BP will be here for the long butt!

  2. I'm in southwest ohio, I got a question. Are there any protests going on at all?