Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank your for ruining my life. (A letter to BP and The President Of the U.S.)

Dear BP, Mr. President, and other parties involved with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill,

Let me first express how deeply upset I am with your actions. They (your actions) are unbelievable and down right sinful. You are not only ruining my life as a US, Louisiana, and New Orleans citizen, but to the rest of the 6 billion+ citizens who like to call our planet home. This "problem" should have been handled right when the explosion happened. There should not have been time wasted.

If you do not understand the magnitude I am speaking of, let me enlighten you.

Not only is the U.S. in more economic trouble, but the world is. I understand the need for alternative energy, but you are killing so many more industries rather than the oil industry. Fishing, Tourism, and other ways of life that the Gulf Coast depend on to contribute to our nation's economy are slowly having to suffer through the pain. So many lives are at stake here, not just human, but floral and fauna that help keep the Earth a float are at stake also.

You are killing innocent people and wildlife. But what do you care? That's what dictators do, correct? They kill their own people, but instead of mortar and warfare, environmentally.

I had dreams of a Gulf Coast beach wedding, owning a house on the coast, cooking my family delicious foods produced by the Gulf of Mexico. You know where those dreams are now? Out to sea with all the dying wildlife and people who will suffer from this horrific act.

Thank you for killing my hopes and dreams, and also my way of life.

By Erin Totsy Nelson

Pensacola Beach, FL circa 2008

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