Monday, July 5, 2010

Ocean Springs Mississippi, Resident Crab Fishermen Experience Eerie Situation

Lorrie Williams and her husband are residents of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They are crab fishermen. Because of this horrific oil spill, they are, of course, out of work.

Lorrie went to the beach on Friday, July 2nd to see what was happening related to the spill and take some personal pictures. Here is a quote from her Facebook page that day:

Lorrie Fishing on the Pier

Lorrie begins, "At Gulf Park Estates today taking pictures and was confronted by two BP workers telling me we had to leave the beach. When I said to her we have to leave the beach oh not the beach just this part. I see you are looking around do you see anything my response was yes all over. Reply was we are going to clean it. Next thing the Jackson county sheriff was there saying I dont want to do this but the beach is closed for BP."

So...she was told the beach was closed to anyone but BP workers for them to clean the area....Hmmm, there was nothing on the news, in the paper or other media stating that any of the beaches were closed or would be closed that day. In fact, they reported that all beaches were open to the public with a caution however to watch for oil spill related materials on the beach or in the water.

Then today, July 4th, the situation turned from questionable to downright frightening! Here are photos and Lorrie's quotes about what happened when she returned today:

"4th of July without CRABS.This time last year we had ate so many soft shell and crabs that we didnt want any more.We would bring the crabs to the dock and fill everyones order. I miss making people happy when we would give them the biggest and best crabs we caught and even gave them extras.We had calls last week wanting to know if they could get crabs for this weekend.I miss CRABBIN ,Seein our pots from the pier."

Lorrie continues, "This is the second sheriff car that has been at the pier today. First one had two officers stationed in the middle of the road with lights on telling people to leave. Called sheriff dept to let them know that this was against the law for doing what they were doin. No beaches in the state are closed. Told them I had called WLOX (local news station). So the next one got there and is sitting by the boatlaunch.Got out of car to walk beach and he started yelling in the bull horn you cant go to the water. Told him I was going to walk beach he told me to get back in my car. Sheriff dept when I called them to see what was up said the officers were not on county time they were working for BP. But they were sitting there running the air and in uniform. So whats that tell you? So I was sitting in the car and next thing I know the sheriffs helicopter was almost on top of the car."

"If they are working for BP why are they in county cars and in county uniforms using county gas? No one has bothered these people for them to need protection. We are always at the pier on 4 of July Family, fun, food and fire works. I'm sure the other people that called the Dept to complain were heading down there to do the same. Just another thing BP has taken from us our independence and freedom to enjoy our beaches. SO Haley Barbour life isnt going on as NORMAL as you said on TV."

"Look at this. I guess this was them being bully's. I thought they were going to land on the car."

I can only imagine what this has done to Lorrie emotionally. She's spent countless days on that pier making a living for herself. She wasn't protesting anything, she wasn't being arrogant, it was the 4th of July after all. She just wanted to relax and celebrate Independence Day on that pier that has been her place of work, her place of relaxation, and her home away from home. None of us knows if we'll even be able to continue to live here if this spill isn't stopped. These could possibly be our last days here before we have to flee or be evacuated from our homes.

Was this display of force neccessary? Was it legal? I can see in the photos that there is no sign of BP workers there to "clean up".

It appears this is yet another example of an attempt to cover up the damage and they are trying to prevent anyone from taking pictures of the proof that nothing is being done. Because Lorrie had her camera, they were treating her as if she were "armed and dangerous". We are being sequestered, lied to, and alienated from our shores.

As if this tragedy isn't painful enough, it's hard not to feel as though this is becoming a hostile takeover of our coast. One gets the feeling that a terrible mistake has been made, it cannot be fixed and so our home is about to become a vacant crime scene and die a miserable death. You can imagine that the Gulf and it's miles of coastline will be uninhabitable and there will be no fish, no birds, no dolphin, no turtles...and no people.

The people of South Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are very proud of our heritage and are more attached to our roots than folks in other states. This is largely because of the Gulf of Mexico and the fact that it is our source of income, our recreation area and our front yards. The Gulf is our life's blood that courses through our veins.

We have lived by the motto, "the South will rise again", however; this may be the battle we cannot win.

~ Denise Rednour

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  1. As her cousin, I know Lorrie has always fought the necessary fight. She isn't afraid to get her feet wet...or dirty, in this case. Way to go girl! And thank you, Denise, for capturing the heart of the problem.