Monday, June 20, 2011

Company agrees to pay BP $75M to settle claims

Posted: Jun 20, 2011 4:31 PM CDTUpdated: Jun 20, 2011 4:31 PM CDT

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A BP PLC contractor has agreed to pay the British oil giant $75 million to settle all potential claims between the companies over last year's deadly rig explosion and the massive oil spill it spawned in the Gulf of Mexico.

In exchange for the payment, BP has agreed to cover Weatherford U.S. LP for compensatory claims related to the disaster, including those over environmental damage and economic losses. Civil and criminal fines and penalties and claims for punitive damages aren't covered by the indemnity agreement.

BP said in Monday's announcement that it will apply the money to the $20 billion fund it created to compensate individuals and businesses after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, killing 11 workers.

Weatherford, a Swiss-based oilfield service company, manufactured the float collar used in BP's blown-out well. The device was designed to help contain the cement at the bottom of the well.

Weatherford isn't the first company to settle out of court with BP. MOEX Offshore 2007 LLC, one of BP's minority partners on the project, agreed last month to pay BP $1 billion to settle all claims between them.

"This settlement allows BP and Weatherford to put our legal issues behind us and move forward together in strengthening processes and procedures, safety and best practices in offshore drilling," BP America Chairman and President Lamar McKay said in a statement.

BP said the two companies agree with a presidential commission's conclusion that the disaster "was the product of complex causes involving multiple parties." Weatherford said the companies have agreed to work with each other to improve the safety of offshore drilling.

"We are extremely pleased to have reached an amicable resolution with BP, a valued customer, that gives our shareholders finality with respect to the vast majority of any potential exposure Weatherford might have from last year's incident in the Gulf," Weatherford president and CEO Bernard J. Duroc-Danner said in a statement.

Weatherford said its insurance policies will cover the entire $75 million payment.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Maladies from Exposure to Dispersants

Muscle Pain and Atrophy and Bruising

Staph/MERSA type rash on thighs and arms and chest

Intense burning and cracking of foot after accidental getting it wet

Intense pain and bleeding under the skin on my back

Intense pain and bleeding under the skin on my lower abdomin

NOTE: This occurs on my upper thighs and somewhat on the backs of my arms as well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Wish List

  • Clean Air Machines (such as ionic breeze or similar)
  • Water filtration units
  • Diatomacious earth (food grade) to deal with fleas
  • Coconut oil and cocoa butter for skin lesions
  • Peroxide, epsom salts and baking soda for soothing/healing baths
  • Vitamin supplements (in particular C, D3 and B12)
  • Cleansing tea bags

My Personal Dreams List:

Donations of supplies for small animal care.
  • Dog food (Purina Dog Chow for large and small breed dogs).
  • Cat food (Purina indoor formula)
  • Cat litter, prefer Arm and Hammer Essentials (corn fiber) Brand
  • Wee Wee pads for the floor
  • Flea and tick protection/shampoos:
  • Revolution for adult cats
  • Ivermectin liquid or Heartguard Plus for dogs from 4lbs to over 80lbs
  • Panacur and Strongid for treating worms
  • Amoxicillian (always needed for general use on the animals)

Handyman repairs...broken cars, lawnmower, jacuzzi, and more.

Hurricane supplies:
  • Plywood to board windows and rustproof screws
  • A hand truck or dolly to move things
  • MRE's (meals ready to eat)
  • Candles (jar candles prefered for safety)
  • Bleach for cleaning/disinfecting
  • Flashlights and lots of batteries
  • Battery operated fans
  • Moist body wipes and clorox wipes for cleaning
  • Gas cards or hotel vouchers for evacuees
  • Also cell phone cards for prepaid phones

Cash donations to aid in everyday needs such as utilities, taxes, insurance and food!

Friendship is always a welcome gift!

Prayers are much needed and most greatly appreciated!

Friday, June 10, 2011

What About Us? The Oil Spill Health Care Bill Rally

Monday, June 13 · 10:00am - 4:00pm

Louisiana State Capitol
900 North Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA

Created By

ForPeople Helping People of the Gulf

More Info
Join us Monday, June 13th @ 10:00 am to lend support for the Oil Spill Health Bill (HB 389) sponsored by Representative Patrick Connick. Hold BP & our Lawmakers accountable for the health care of our Gulf residents in the LARGEST OIL SPILL DISASTER IN HISTORY.

If you can't make it, make your voice heard by helping your fellow citizens, please call your legislators now at the House Switchboard


Here is the list of our LA State Representatives

Here is the of our LA Senators



If you can't join us, please call here and voice your concerns about the ongoing disaster to your appointed representative.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Help Pass HB 389 - Call in TODAY - June 8th

E-ALERT - URGENT: An unprecedented event -- the world’s largest environmental disaster -- calls for an unprecedented bill. Please support Representative Connick’s HB389 Oilspill Health Bill to protect citizen’s rights set to be heard on the House floor Wednesday morning. Time is of the essence. Please call NOW. Have your call patched through to your State Representative on the House floor. Did you know you could do that? Well, you can. Make your voice count. They work for YOU. Tell them you support the bill in its entirety to protect oil spill victim’s rights under Louisiana law and you want them to guarantee those rights. See here:

All four Gulf State Attorney Generals promised citizens they would have redress (ability not to sign away their rights and retroactively apply for claims) under the law. Historically, we know that medical issues can arise many years later that dramatically our citizen’s health due to chemical or oil-related exposures. The Exxon Valdez accident proved that to be the case. HB389 ensures that protection. It’s imperative that state legislators leave the medical monitoring amendment intact.

BP lobbyists are in force in OUR state capital trying to GUT the bill and undermine our protections!! Don’t let that happen. Louisianians deserve better. Make your voice count. Call your Representative now: GET THE NUMBER HERE:

Linda Leavitt

Executive Director

Gulf Coast Environmental and Health Coalition

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ken Feinberg says he hasn't seen any medical claims to our State Legislators; HB 389 Health Bill Pending in the House

WHAT??? - BP's Ken Feinberg says he hasn't seen any medically-related GCCF claims???

BP's Ken Feinberg says he hasn't seen any medically-related GCCF claims, when in reality, many Gulf Coast residents have filed oilspill medical-related claims. In the meantime, there's an important Health Bill on the House Floor to protect your medical rights that BP is trying to derail!

We the people of the Gulf Coast are responsible for getting the bills passed. We're the key as we have no highly-paid lobbyists like BP has. We need you and your voice NOW!

Have you, a family member or a friend filed a medically-related GCCF claim as a result of the oilspill and been denied? If so, we need to hear from you! Please post to the Southern Louisiana Shrimp Alliance Facebook page at: or, e-mail directly to:

If you'd like to see real testimonials from those impacted, click here:

154 Groups nationwide have demanded action from Federal officials including Waterkeeper Alliance, United Houma Nation, Association of Family Fishermen and 69 different Waterkeepers organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of community members, and internationally from Mexico and China. They have sent a letter to EPA Administrator Jackson and HHS Secretary Sebelius demanding action on the growing public health crisis on the Gulf Coast. More on the letter here:

BREAKING NEWS Feinberg spoke at a Joint Select Committee meeting on Oversight of the BP Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), at the Louisiana State Capital in Baton Rouge today, June 6. In attendance, were Louisiana State House and Senate Reps who oversee the GCCF. They heard a presentation by BP’s Kenneth Feinberg discussing claims submission and processing. According to an afternoon report from the Associated Press (AP): Kenneth Feinberg, the BP Gulf oil spill claims czar and attorney overseeing payments from BP’s $20 billion fund, said “he hasn’t seen any claims filed suggesting that the spill cleanup has caused medical illnesses.” See AP story here:

The people of the Gulf Coast deserve better than closed-door meetings between our officials and BP lobbyists when it comes to oversight of the GCCF and any oil-spill related matters. Their decisions in these closed door meetings are then blasted as a one-sided story via AP to Forbes, Houston Chronicle, WAFB-TV and WVUE-TV in an instant. Meanwhile, we have no justice or a VOICE.

If you are as outraged as we are, please call your State Representatives directly here: and/or the State Senators list here:

The following is a specific list of Louisiana State Representatives and Senators who comprise this Joint Select Committee in charge of oversight of GCCF. To date, hundreds of people have filed health-related claims while Mr. Feinberg claims otherwise. Our officials need to know this. Please call and write to their offices to set the record straight.

CRITICAL HEALTH BILL THAT COULD SET THE TONE FOR THE ENTIRE GULF COAST: Mr. Feinberg’s meeting is timed to a critical Louisiana Health Bill to protect your rights pending on the House Floor. BP is so afraid of this bill that they sent their chief lobbyist, Mr. Feinberg, on their behalf during this legislative session. Here is the text of HB 389:

Summary of HB 389: This is legislation to protect you and your families and other workers who were involved in the BP spill and clean-up. It mandates that all releases and settlements entered into by you be interpreted using Louisiana law and not the law from another state. What this means is that, if 10 years from now, someone gets sick from being exposed to chemicals released and used during the clean-up, that person will be able to bring a claim against the responsible parties even if the release signed says you have waived your rights to do so.

It is unethical for BP to pay final settlements and then refuse to be responsible for latent diseases that manifest themselves years after a settlement has been entered into. Despite a massive attempt by BP to kill the bill, it has passed the House Committee on Civil Law as of Wednesday night on an 11-2 vote.

It is important to note that HB389 was amended in committee and immediately goes to the House floor for a vote by all State R. BP and friends were successful in removing a provision that required BP and the responsible parties to provide medical monitoring to those who were exposed to the crude and dispersants used. Despite this setback, we have a chance to exercise our rights and have this issue debated further as the bill moves from the House to the Senate. The key is the bill is alive so the bill can be improved upon or amended before it goes to the desk of Governor Jindal.

Let's all assure that HB 389 is passed into law by contacting our elected officials today and having them voice their support for the legislation. We urge you to take it upon yourself to lobby or rally support for the bill. See list here: