Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Help Pass HB 389 - Call in TODAY - June 8th

E-ALERT - URGENT: An unprecedented event -- the world’s largest environmental disaster -- calls for an unprecedented bill. Please support Representative Connick’s HB389 Oilspill Health Bill to protect citizen’s rights set to be heard on the House floor Wednesday morning. Time is of the essence. Please call NOW. Have your call patched through to your State Representative on the House floor. Did you know you could do that? Well, you can. Make your voice count. They work for YOU. Tell them you support the bill in its entirety to protect oil spill victim’s rights under Louisiana law and you want them to guarantee those rights. See here:

All four Gulf State Attorney Generals promised citizens they would have redress (ability not to sign away their rights and retroactively apply for claims) under the law. Historically, we know that medical issues can arise many years later that dramatically our citizen’s health due to chemical or oil-related exposures. The Exxon Valdez accident proved that to be the case. HB389 ensures that protection. It’s imperative that state legislators leave the medical monitoring amendment intact.

BP lobbyists are in force in OUR state capital trying to GUT the bill and undermine our protections!! Don’t let that happen. Louisianians deserve better. Make your voice count. Call your Representative now: GET THE NUMBER HERE:

Linda Leavitt

Executive Director

Gulf Coast Environmental and Health Coalition

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