Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alabama Storms Devastate Hurricane Creekkeeper's Home/Office. Please Help.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Waterkeeper Alliance Family,

On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, the home and office of your Hurricane Creekkeeper, John Wathen, took a direct hit from a category F4/F5 tornado. John is physically okay, but his residence and workplace were heavily damaged. Some of his nearby relatives lost their home entirely. The tornado was generated by the same storm system that devastated many areas of the South yesterday and, as of this morning, has killed 173 people—at least 120 of those victims were in John's home state of Alabama.

Much of John's computer and photographic equipment was destroyed by the tornado. If you know anything about John, you know thatphotography and videography lay at the heart of what he does to protect clean water every day of his life. He's been there, on the scene, snapping photos and showing the world the truth about the 2008 Tennessee Valley Authority ash pond disaster and the 2010 BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, John recently won a prestigious 2011 Roosevelt-Ashe Society Conservation Award for his reporting on Gulf oil disaster events.

In this time of great need, we ask you humbly to help us help John rebuild. Waterkeeper Alliance is helping collect online monetary donations that will be passed directly to Hurricane Creekkeeper in order to speed John’s recovery. Click the link below to donate online right now. Please remember to designate your gift on your donation form as Hurricane Creekkeeper Tornado Disaster Recovery where you see the Gift Designation field.

Please select Hurricane Creekkeeper Tornado Disaster Recovery
as the gift designation on your donation form.

To send gifts by mail, please write to:

Waterkeeper Alliance
ATTN: Tornado Recovery
17 Battery Place
Ste. 1329
New York, NY 10004

(Please do not send credit card information through the mail.)

To phone in your gift, please call 212.747.0622 ext. 30.

Thank you for your support.


Your friends at Waterkeeper Alliance
The voice of the world's waters.


  1. Beware if Denise is collecting donations it's most likely for herself, the bitch is crocked as the day is long.....

  2. I know for a fact she is helping me. Every link in here is real and I resent anyone taking a time like this to sling crap!

  3. It just never ceases to amaze me that people are so cowardly as to hide behind the name of "Anonymous"....Thank you,Denise, for writing about what John has been through.

  4. Dear Anonymous ~ This donation button is in no way connected to me. Cease and desist your harassment immediately. Your IP address is recorded and you are under investigation. Mr. Wathen will verify this information is true.

  5. The Waterkeepers Alliance and John Wathen, the Hurricane Creekkeeper, are very highly respected and John has been horribly impacted by the tornado outbreak. For someone to try and take away from victims is unconscionable! You "anonymous" are quite obviously totally unaware of what you are doing and your ignorance shows.

  6. i'm quite flabbergasted by the 'anonymous'! so strange....i noticed the other day that the address was out of town, certainly not Long Beach and the name was the waterkeepers...i noticed also that as soon as John's condition was known, Denise Rednour was on it....saw the same when Tucker was injured...and i remember thinking, wow, this lady is sick and yet she's really on it to help others, which is more than i'm doing....what's with it with 'anonymous'.....jealous? BP sympathizer? on drugs?

  7. some people are so lower level, hope you evolve anonymous:)this is anonymous 9

  8. Well i would say Anonymous is a Coward first of all, since they did not post their real name. Hiding behind a false name ,thats really brave Anonymous. Anyone who would call out a wonderful person like Denise who has done nothing but try to help the people of her community and others should be ashamed of who they are. I have been keeping up with both Denise and John since the spill. I would consider them to be friends and i am thankful there are people like them in this world who really care. Both have risked alot,including their health to report to us what is really going on here.I am from the gulf area and i for one will back Denise and John anyday. As for Anonymous,i believe you to be a person who works for BP or someone interested in tourism only,not the health and well being of the people who live here.You obviously don't care about the tornado victims either.Your opinion shows what kind of person you really are. You disgust me Anonymous.....Rachel St.