Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emily and Scout need your help - Warning!!!! Graphic Images

This poor girl came into Heard Co Animal Control with a grievous injury. Her foot had been caught in a steel trap. The foot is infected and the toes have started to rot off! I called my vet as soon as I saw her today and he agreed to wait for me even though it's a holiday weekend and I couldn't get back to Opelika before closing time. Though she has rescue in another state I did not want to make her go through a long transport or wait another day in the agony she must be in.

Dr Colley said he will amputate the toes but if the infection has progressed too far into her foot he will have to amputate the whole leg. He also said that the healing would take a long time - probably a couple of months. I am not a rescue and don't have regular sponsors. But we all do what we have to. My wonderful teenager has agreed to help me with her recovery. She has dubbed her Scout.

Can you please help Scout with her vet bill?
My vet is:
Opelika Animal Hospital
1615 2nd Ave
Opelika AL 36801

She's under my name: Emily Cherry Goff
or if you want to contribute by paypal I've created a chip in for Scout:

Emily Cherry Goff
CherryHarley saving animals one life at a time one leg at a time

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